We’ve all had to deal with a real estate agent at some point, and you could put money on the fact that, in most cases, people hold a relatively negative view of the profession. I am passionate about changing that. Beginning my Property Management career in 2001, I observed the pitfalls of the profession, by putting myself in the client’s shoes to understand why there might be an adverse reaction to those who manage property. While gaining my level of experience and knowledge, I made a note of how to avoid the characteristics that make people roll their eyes when they have to deal with an agent. As a leading expert in Leasing and Business Development, with over one thousand rental property listings previously managed over my career, I have refined my process to create results. I offer a service that you can rely on for the long-term. No more dealing with a new property manager every few months, scattered pieces of communication or unanswered phone calls, you can rely on me to be present for whatever you need. I have a passion for innovation and change within the industry, combined with my expertise and creative freedom that has led to the utterly unique business model of Natalie Grant Property Consulting, which I launched in 2018. The goal is to step outside the box and change your view of property agents, one location at a time. You’ve heard the story many times before, those who dare to be different, when backed with the right knowledge and skills, succeed and pave new paths. By working with me, you are positioning yourself for success over and above the crowds who are reaching for the same goal. Give me a call about providing the property management service you can rely on today.